What’s in a name?

Since leaving our old house in Montagnac, we have been ruing that we no longer had a house called Le Bijou, which was the name of our house in Montagnac. When we moved, we thought it made sense to keep the existing name of the new house, which was Pigassou, supposedly the name of the original family that built it. However, we could not find evidence of this family having built the house. In addition, there is a “D” carved in stone, along with the date of contruction – 1873 – over the front door, which suggests that the original family name began with a D.

Screen Shot 2020-02-18 at 08.28.59.png

So…..we have changed the name of our new house to Oustau Le Bijou, keeping the name bijou – the gem – but adding oustau, which means country house, in Occitan, the old language of the region.

This place is truly a gem. Not only that, our little hamlet is a gem in its own right. Here is the link to our website, now with the proper name of the house: lebijoulanguedoc.com.

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