Le marché de Montagnac

The town of Montagnac, like almost every other town in all of France, has a weekly, outdoor market. In any region, market days vary from town to town, so that they don’t overlap, meaning you can shop at a different one every day of the week, if you desire. The Montagnac market is held every Friday morning, and is such a pleasure to visit – a mixture of good, fresh, local food for sale, of course, but also a little slice of French small town daily life. All the townspeople are there, buying various items for the week ahead, but also socializing – stopping to kiss one another on both cheeks, and catch up on how each other is doing – their health, the grandchildren, the weather, what they are planning to cook for dinner….  While people are chatting, their little dogs on leashes are greeting each other at a lower level, and there are often babies in strollers reaching their hands out to one another or to pet the dogs. It’s so much more than just shopping.

Le marché, with a fountain, town hall, the post office and our medieval church in the background
There are always so many types of olives. Our favorites are the locally-grown green lucques.
Screen Shot 2018-08-12 at 13.16.17
Buttery and flavorful lucques olives – our local olives in the Languedoc
Red & yellow – the colors of both Catalonia & Occitanie – are seen everywhere.





This stall has some arabic food – merguez sausage, kabobs and other preprepared goodies.


Onions, fresh picked in the early morning, still have their dirt from the garden.


How simply gorgeous are those purple spring onions? Perfect for a salad!
There is always a paëlla seller there, every week, so you can get some to enjoy at home or, better yet, on a picnic at the beach.
Every cut of pork – raw, smoked, cured, spiced…
Dried nuts and fruits
Our egg man, who was also selling lavender that day


Jack, making a bee line to one of his favorite stalls (probably the cheese man)
Catching up on the latest gossip

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