One of our favorite pastimes is wandering aimlessly through the countryside in France, both by car and on foot. And one of our greatest pleasures, while exploring, is seeing poppies everywhere. No matter where you are in France, from Spring into Summer, and then again in Autumn, poppies abound.
One of my favorite combinations – wild poppies and wild wheat – so emblematic of France.IMG_1907
They self-seed and pop up in the most unlikely places – like this one growing out of a stone wall.IMG_1901IMG_1903IMG_2368IMG_7676
It is quite common to see huge fields taken over by poppies.IMG_2365IMG_2360
Wild poppies continuously self-seed along the roadways, so they are everywhere you go!IMG_2362


  1. Great way to start my day! Simply beautiful., love poppies! Wild wheat, common in the ditches when I was growing up on the farm!


  2. And the reason the British, wear a poppy on November 11th is entirely due to those that fought and fell in WW1 feeling that nothing spoke more eloquently of those dreadful French and Belgian battlefields and nothing echoed the bloodshed but waved elegantly as the emblem of peace, better than the poppy. Having peppered your lovely blog with comments and introductions which I hope you will enjoy, I had better explain myself. I happened on your blog because from time to time I take a little time exploring new blogs and yours stands out. I am delighted with your content and lovely pictures and wholly unsurprised that you are so clearly in love with the lovely Languedoc and France in general. So hello from me and I look forward to reading more as you go along 🙂


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